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Saint Louis County Courts of Missouri 21st Judicial Circuit

St. Louis County Domestic Violence Court

Batterer Compliance Program

In cases of severe domestic violence, DV Court judges will strongly consider referring the Respondent to a Batterer Intervention Program (BIP). Lasting anywhere from 26 to 52 weeks, BIPs are intended to stop the abuse by teaching the Respondent essential skills for functioning in healthy relationships. The Batterer Compliance Program (BCP) was developed to ensure that Respondents who are ordered into a BIP are referred to the proper program and follow through with the requirement to attend. The BCP Coordinator will assist Respondents in selecting a program and, through regular communication with the selected BIP, will monitor the Respondent's participation. Respondents ordered into a BIP may be required to periodically return to DV Court for compliance hearings at which the judge will inquire into their progress in the BIP. If Respondents choose not to comply with the BIP condition in the Order of Protection, contempt proceedings may be initiated that could result in significant consequences, including fines or even jail time.

BIPs are not anger management. Anger management classes are not sufficient for people who abuse their intimate partner for the following reasons:

  • •Anger management implies that the victim provokes the anger and precipitates the abuse and violence when, in fact, domestic violence is a result of the abuser purposefully using power and abuse to control the victim;
  • •Anger management fails to account for the pre-meditated controlling behaviors associated with domestic violence;
  • •Anger management tends to diffuse the responsibility of the abuse and prolong the abuser's denial;
  • •Anger management fails to look at the larger social issues involved in perpetuating the cycle of domestic violence.

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