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St. Louis County Court Adult Drug Court

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Drug Court?

The St. Louis County Adult Drug Court is a voluntary treatment Program for first time nonviolent offenders charged with a felony and has a substance abuse problem. Drug court is a four phase program involving a comprehensive assessment to determine treatment needs and after care programming. Other services are based on the individual needs of the offender.


What are the advantages of a Drug Court?

  • •The Drug Court Program will provide intensive community supervision for those first time nonviolent offenders most at risk for further criminal behavior.
  • •Probation and Parole Officers working with the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney and treatment providers will closely monitor the offender's behavior including regular drug testing and treatment, employment assistance, job training, and life skills programming.
  • •Studies show that Drug Courts reduce incarceration costs, police overtime, court time and other social welfare and associated costs.
  • •Successful completion of Drug Court results in a withdrawal of the guilty plea and criminal charges are dismissed or early termination of probation.


What are the requirements of a Drug Court offender?

  • ~ Offenders take accountability for their actions.
  • ~ Offender must report to judge in court on a regular basis
  • ~ Regular payment of court and program fees
  • ~ Mandatory participation in substance abuse treatment as designated by Drug Court Team
  • ~ Regular drug testing
  • ~ Mandatory community service
  • ~ Referral and participation with other community resources as required
  • ~ Regular home visits
  • ~ Face to face contacts with probation officer, court personnel and treatment providers as needed


How do I become eligible for the program?

To be eligible for the Adult Drug Court Program you must:

  • - Be a nonviolent offender
  • - Be seventeen years of age or older
  • - Have a felony plea of guilty
  • - Waive your preliminary hearing
  • - Commit to at least fifteen months of treatment
  • - Be a technical probation violator in Revocation status


How does the program work?

This program uses intensive supervision, continued treatment and effective intervention to assist the participant in taking control of their life.


What does this program have to offer?

Successful completion of the program can lead to a drug free lifestyle, full-time employment, drug free babies and putting yourself on the road to becoming a productive citizen.

The bottom line is that the Drug Court program benefits others by tax dollars saved through reduced incarceration costs, reduced crime and increased public safety.


What is the Adult Drug Court's mailing address, telephone number and fax number?

Mailing Address:

St. Louis County Courthouse

Attn: Adult Drug Court Administrator

105 South Central Avenue

Clayton, MO 63105

Telephone: 314-615-2678

Fax: 314-615-7658