St. Louis County Courts

Family Court of St. Louis County

105 South Central Avenue (Courts Building)

Clayton, MO 63105

General Information Telephone Number: 314-615-4400

Fax Telephone Number: 314-615-4519

TTY Telephone Number: 314-615-4567

Office Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

*See Press Release along with the executed Memorandum of Agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice and the St. Louis County Family Court.


Honorable Thea A. Sherry, Administrative Judge 314-615-1505


Ben Burkemper, Court Administrator 314-615-2970


Rick Gaines, Chief Juvenile Officer 314-615-4400


Tom Weber Acting Director, Court Programs 314-615-4400


Cheryl Campbell Director, Detention Center 314-615-2996


Deborah Woodside Director, Delinquency Services 314-615-4400


Clifford Faddis Manager, Human Resources 314-615-4400


Marshall Day Director, Operations 314-615-4400


Carol Bader Director, Child Protective Services 314-615-4400


Chimene Laskley, Manager Legal Department 314-615-4400


Family Court Judges & Commissioners

Hon. Sandra Farragutt- Hemphill Division 3, FC Docket 15


Hon. Thea A. Sherry Division 5, FC Docket 2


Hon. Douglas R. Beach Division 6, FC Docket 16


Hon. Bruce Hilton Division 13, FC Docket 10


Hon. Michael D. Burton Division 16, FC Docket 3 Domestic Violence Court


Hon. Margaret T. Donnelly Division 20, FC Docket 1


Hon. Mary B. Schroeder Division 32, FC Docket 14


Hon. Jason D. Dodson Division 33, FC Docket 13


Hon. John Borbonus Division 35, FC Docket 8


Hon. John R. Essner Division 37, FC Docket 9


Hon. Dennis N. Smith Division 40, FC Docket 6 & 7


Hon. Mondonna Ghasedi Division 43, FC Docket 17


Hon. Diane M. Monahan Division 61, FC Docket 4


Hon. Heather R. Cunningham Division 62, FC Docket 5


Hon. Victoria Mullen McKee Division 64, FC Docket 11


Hon. Mary Greaves Division 65, FC Docket 12