IT Equipment & Video Conference Request


Each party who wishes to use private audio/visual, computer equipment, or equipment based on other technologies during a court trial or hearing should obtain approval from the judge or commissioner presiding over the proceeding.

Waiver of Liability Form


Request equipment by submitting the form below.


Contact the court's IT Department, (314) 615-3263, IT Department Room 613, no later than five (5) business days prior to the court date.

The IT Department will coordinate any necessary installation of equipment in the courtroom.

Things to Consider

  • The court encourages attorneys to share technology equipment when possible.
  • Technology equipment must not interfere with the line of sight for the judge or jury.
  • Our courtrooms have limited electrical outlets available.
  • You need to provide carpeted mats or gaffer's tape to secure cables crossing the floor, to minimize creating a tripping hazard.
  • Printers are not allowed in the courtrooms.
  • Telephone and network connections are not available in courtrooms.