Domestic Relations Services

St. Louis County Family Court

Domestic Relations Information

Domestic Relations Services (DRS) mediators help parents minimize the traumatic effect of divorce and separation upon children. In divorce, separation, paternity, family access or adult abuse matters, Family Court judges may refer parents to DRS for assistance in developing parenting plans.

Domestic Relations Services Video

The St. Louis County Domestic Relations Services office can help separating or divorcing parents develop a custody plan, screen for therapeutic services, and supervise visitation of children. These services are usually ordered by the Court. This video explains the processes for both parents and children.

Domestic Violence Court

The St. Louis County Domestic Violence (DV) Court was established to enhance our Family Court’s response to domestic violence.

Exchange Center

The Exchange Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to go from one parent to the other according to the terms of parenting plans that have been ordered in divorce, paternity or adult abuse proceedings in the St. Louis County Courts.

Parenting Plans

Staff of the Domestic Relations Services assist with the Court’s Pro Se Docket, for cases where both parents who are seeking a dissolution of marriage are not represented by attorneys. All case files on this docket, where there is a child in common, are reviewed by DRS staff to assure that the proposed parenting plan is completed correctly.

Supervised Visitation

Staff of the Domestic Relations Unit provide up to one hour per week supervised visitation for parents who are ordered by a judge in St. Louis County to participate in the service.