Family Court Forms

St. Louis County Court Family Court Forms

Adoption Filing Certificate

Provides party and case information to the court. It also indicates the minimal filing requirements in an adoption.

Form: CCFC147

Last Update: 09/2017

Adoption Packet

This packet contains information on policies, procedures and means of processing adoption actions through the St. Louis County Family Court.


Identifies petitioner’s expenses incurred relating to the adoption.

Form: MSW010731

Last Update: 04/13/1998

Affidavit for Judgment

For use in cases involving petition for change of name.

Form: CCFC194

Last Update: 07/2022

Application and Order for Service by Publication of Notice

Application and Order to get a service published in a newspaper.

Form: CCJU303

Last Update: 07/2021

Application for Mentor Program

Application to apply for Mentor Volunteer position with Family Court.

Last Update: 03/2006

Application for Order of Publication in Adoption Proceedings

Required when the whereabouts of a party requiring service is unknown or service can not be obtained.

Form: CCFC50

Last Update: 03/2015

Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem

Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem form

Form: CCFC139

Last Update: 07/2021

Approved Guardians Ad Litem

For use  in Family Court practice.

Last Update: 10/12/2023

Attorney for Guardian Ad Litem

Information for attorneys to serve as Guardian Ad Litem for Family Court Juvenile matters.

Certificate of Decree of Adoption


Consent of Minor Child (Age 14 or over) to Adoption

Required to be completed by any minor child age 14 or over who is the subject of the adoption.


Last Update: 11/2004

Consent to Adoption by Co-Petitioner

Consent to adopt  with co-parent.

Last Update: 09/11/2013

Court Approved List of Parent Coordinators

Parent Coordinators are maintained by the Family Court as a courtesy to Judges, Attorneys and Litigants who seek to appoint a Parent Coordinator on cases in St. Louis County. 

Last Update: 08/2023

Court Approved Mediator List

As a public service, the Family Court of St. Louis County maintains this list of private individuals who are available to serve as mediators.

Last Update: 11/2023 

Entry of Appearance and Answer of Guardian Ad Litem

Tells who is appointed to act as Guardian Ad Litem.

Form: CCJU34

Last Update: 02/2016

Financial Statement of Parent or Custodian

Lists all monthly household income.

Form: CCJU303

Last Update: 07/2021

Form 15 – Mediation in Family Court

Final Mediation – Local Rule Form 15.

Form: CCFC306

Last Update: 08/2023

Formal Complaint Process

How to follow the formal complaint process against a Juvenile Officer.

Last Update: 2017

General Consent to Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

Consent to terminate parental rights.

Last Update: 08/2016