Family Court Forms

St. Louis County Court Family Court Forms

Guardian Ad Litem Letter

Notice to advise family of the Court appointed Guardian Ad Litem.

Form: VCCJU61

Last Update: 05/2016

Guide to the Family Court

Information on all FC departments.

Last Update: 2017

Guidelines for Parenting Coordination

Overview and definitions of the guidelines on child-focused dispute resolution.

Last Update: 04/02/2008

How to Submit Required Pleadings

For Domestic Relations Cases filed through the Missouri eFiling System.

Form: CCADM95-W

Last Revise: 06/2016  

Judgment and Decree of Adoption

Proposed Judgment and Decree of Adoption

Form: CCJU01

Last Update: 12/2018

Judgment and Decree of Recognition of Adoption of Child in Foreign Country

Adoption of child outside of the US.

Form: CCJU24

Last Update: 07/2021

Judgment and Order of Transfer of Custody

Fillable proposed judgment and order of transfer of custody for an adoption case.

Form: CCJU03

Last Update: 12/1997

Judgment Decree of Adoption - Adult

Proposed Judgment of Decree of Adoption – Adult

Form: CCJU02

Last Update: 07/2021

Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage

Used to file divorce.

Form: CCFC187

Last Update: 04/2019

Judgment of Name Change

Shows the judgment of name change.

Form: CCFC137

Last Update: 04/2022

Mediator's Mandatory Mediation Compliance Report

Compliance Report for Mediator’s Mandatory Mediation.

Form: CCFC307

Last Update: 08/2021

Mentor Fact Sheet

Information on mentoring and becoming a mentor for Family Court.

Modification Judgment With Children

Used to modify the original judgment filed with the Court.

Form: CCFC191

Last Update: 07/2021

Motion for Home Study

Request for Court to perform a full investigation on physical and mental state of the children.

Form: CCJU32

Last Update: 05/2016

Notice of Mandatory Education Class

Required by parents seeking divorce, legal separation, paternity or custody or who are seeking to modify a prior order.

Form: CCFC74

Last Update: 08/2017

Notice of Mediation Services for Parents

The Family Court offers a limited number of hours of free, confidential mediation services for parents contemplating filing a Family Court case.

Form: CCFC74

Last Update: 08/2017

Notice of Status Conference

Notice to the court to schedule a Status Conference hearing.

Form: CCFC04B

Last Update: 10/2022

Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator

Order for appointing a Parent Coordinator

Form: CCFC314

Last Update: 08/2022

Order for Supervised Visitation

Order to make arrangements for supervised visits.

Form: CCFC300

Last Update: 07/2021

Parenting Plan A - Custody

Parenting Plan A - Custody of the Children

Form: CCFC179

Last Update: 07/2021