Probate Forms

St. Louis County Court Probate Forms

Mental Health / Civil Commitment

96 Hour Hold Packet

This packet contains the forms to request an Order for 96 Hour Evaluation of an individual who because of mental illness or alcohol/drug abuse presents a likelihood of danger to him/herself or others. Upon completion of the Application to Court for 96 Hour Detention, Evaluation and Treatment/Rehabilitation, the application and all supporting documents must be filed at the St. Louis County Probate Court.

Last Revision: 08/2021

Form: CCPR179-W


Trust Filing Under Section 456.6-604.1(3) Packet

This form Intent to File Trust Instrument is used to file a copy of a trust with the court pursuant to Section 456.6-604.1(3) of the Missouri Uniform Trust Code.

Last Revision: 11/2018

Trust Registration Packet

This form Trust Registration Statement is used to register a trust with the court.

Last Revision: 11/2018

Trusts – Adversarial, Uncontested or by Consent Packet

This form is used to file an adversarial, uncontested, or by consent trust matter under the Missouri Uniform Trust Code.